Dir. of Finance

CFO/Director of Finance/Controller


The role of the organization’s Chief Financial Officer has to demonstrate strong leadership with a capacity for both financial knowledge and operational experience.  GSI has a proven record of accomplishment in the assessment and selection of financial managers that can bring a strong positive improvement to an organization.  

GSI successfully recruits finance specialists by carefully considering candidates that can work in tandem with the vision of the General Manager/COO and the board to provide the necessary financial intelligence needed to meet and exceed targeted goals.

The team at GSI have a thorough understanding of the role played by a Finance Manager.

The GSI team considers the following in a Financial Manager:
The ability to improve  business by increasing profit, exploring new business opportunities, executing new business programs and strategies.
Possessing essential skills to work and collaborate with the club’s board, finance committee and other managers to facilitate the accomplishment of  budgeted goals.
Strong accounting and operational control environment to safeguard assets, improve operations and profitability.

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