Additional Services

Post-Hire Consulting Services

GSI Executive Search provides ongoing post-hire support to newly hired professionals to help ensure a successful transition and the accomplishment of mutually agreed goals. Services include:

  • Coaching, Mentoring, and Guiding the New Executive Leader: The first few weeks and months of an executive’s tenure are critical. GSI’s post-hire services pick up where the search process ends. At GSI, we continue to engage with the new leader and conduct a series of coaching, mentoring and guiding sessions. These interactions are designed to provide the leader with meaningful impact and personally engage him or her in the new position. We have discovered that this process provides clarity in the current role, enhances strategic thinking and leadership capabilities, and offers counsel and goal identification.
  • One-year formal review of the GM/COO: This exclusive program is designed to assist and guide the board of directors in conducting a comprehensive first-year performance review of the GM/COO. The performance of a GM/COO is critical to your private club fulfilling its goals and mission. Because the person in this role directly influences your organization’s success and financial health, it is incumbent on the board to objectively and fairly evaluate the performance of its top leader.

This program includes a self-appraisal component along with administering an extensive assessment to collectively evaluate the accomplishments or challenges experienced during the GM/COO’s first year of employment. This tool provides great value to the club’s board. Once data has been collected, GSI analyzes the results and offers go-forward recommendations.

Club and Board Consulting Services

  • One Vision One Voice: This board retreat program focuses on strategic planning as an essential component of constructing the roadmap to the mission and the vision of your club. Strategic planning is a discipline that enables the board and management to evaluate the present environment and the club’s position within that environment, then construct a plan to successfully fulfill the club’s mission. The sessions focus on key topics such as leadership, business continuity, succession planning, communication planning and member recruiting. Each session provides insights that relate to developing an effective strategic plan and suggests ways to leverage the impact of the plan to strengthen the club culture and club leaders and address future challenges.
  • The Master Planning Process: This comprehensive workshop is designed to help GMs understand the importance of master planning, as well as master planning components and processes. It also offers practical strategies for implementing a successful master planning initiative at their club.
  • Turning Trainers Into Great Teachers: The cornerstone of the hospitality industry is service. Service is built on training. Yet training alone isn’t enough. For service delivery to meet and exceed the expectations of members, guests and visitors alike, you must teach your staff—and enable them to become teachers as well.

    Turning Trainers Into Great Teachers is an interactive, engaging team-building workshop for private club department managers, supervisors and senior staff. It’s singular objective: Help you transform your club’s conventional training programs by instilling a culture of teaching from top to bottom. Program topics include:

    • The rationale behind teaching – Why teach your staff instead of just train them
    • The differences between training and teaching – distinguishing how vs. why – and demonstrating how the concept of ‘for performance’ vs. ‘for understanding’ applies to your specific club
    • Building and nurturing a truly transformational environment – how to turn your club into a learning center, and why you need to start today
    • Why and how – Understanding the benefits of teaching at a club and learning how to do it effectively
    • The qualities of great teachers, and what managers can learn from them

Ethos Club & Leisure Alliance Services

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