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GSI Executive Search’s Terry Anglin Moderates Private Club Technology Session for Golf Inc. Virtual Days Summit

On Monday, April 26, 2021, GSI Executive Search and Ethos Club & Leisure was represented by Terry Anglin, CCM, CCE, ECM at the Golf Inc. Virtual Days summit. Terry served as moderator for the virtual session entitled “Tech Flywheel: How New Technology Can Supercharge Your Operation.” Session presenters were Dave Vanslette, CEO of FAIRWAYIQ, and Hunki Yun, Director, Business Development, USGA Green Section.

Terry began the session by reviewing the 2020 golf year, noting that it was a notably excellent one for golf, with rounds up by 13.9% over 2019, private clubs accounting for a 19.9% increase year over year and public facilities experiencing a rise of 132.4% in rounds played. Terry remarked that these figures aligned with comments he has received from General Managers around the country regarding increased golf activity at their clubs.

Dave Vanslette of FAIRWAYIQ followed Terry and underscored the need for technology-related investments that can enhance the overall golf experience. Hunki Yun expanded on that theme by describing the Amazon Flywheel and how its business success was centered around technology. He, too emphasized that the golf must make necessary technology investments to retain and build upon the momentum of 2020. 

For more information about the summit, or to discuss your next search, email Terry or call him at 901-550-9338.