Director of Membership & Marketing

Membership is the core component in the private club sector of the industry. At GSI Executive Search, we understand the importance of hiring a Membership & Marketing Director that can maximize and grow your membership recruitment through development and maintenance of relationships with existing members, stakeholders, prospects, and the community at large.

Our understanding of the importance of this role in the private club industry has helped the team at GSI to develop a thorough screening and selection process to help ensure that our clients get Membership Directors that can bring about an immediate impact in new membership, member retention and member satisfaction.

We consider the following when evaluating a Membership Director for our clients:

  • A proven track record of sales and marketing skills to generate leads, drive marketing campaigns and networking events by targeting all membership market segments (e.g., Family, Junior, Executive, Golf, Tennis, Fitness, Social).
  • The ability to assist prospective members through the membership admissions process and provide information, clubhouse tours and answers questions from prospective and current members about the club and its programs.
  • A demonstrated ability to conduct competitive marketing research and analyses for the development of strategies that appeal to new and existing members.