GSI Client Testimonials

Long Beach Yacht Club

As a retired Club GM of over 40 years, when I was asked to serve as the interim GM for the Long Beach Yacht Club, I thought I could easily assist with the search for the new GM. When I got into it, I realized that my contacts were stale. We needed a kick start to the search process and by hiring Terry Anglin, we got more than we expected.

Not only did he bring us a long list of qualified candidates, but Terry had prescreened them. We received a book with their qualifications and their answers to numerous questions that were important in the decision process.

We then followed Terry’s lead in several rounds of interviews which got several members of the Club’s Governance involved.

We finally selected an excellent candidate who is doing an excellent job for LBYC.

I highly recommend GSI and specifically Terry Anglin, We would never have been so successful without his help.