GSI Client Testimonials

Old Baldy Club

I have been in Club management for over 20 years. While my early years were with a management company which allowed me to pursue opportunities as I grew and developed my own career, when I made the transition to Member-owned Clubs I no longer had the resources I enjoyed previously. While I quickly found CMAA which offered me a professional network of support, it took me a while to understand the “role of the recruiter” in seeking new positions as I outgrew former ones.

While I understand that recruiters’ clients are Clubs and not candidates, from my perspective GSI is “Best in Class”. They are professional and follow a process that is practical for both their clients and the candidates. They are also highly responsive throughout the process whether the candidate is in the running for a particular position or not, which is very refreshing for candidates.

I have had the pleasure of working with both Scott McNett, who is a career recruiter, and Ned Welc, who transitioned from Club management into recruiting and consulting. I would recommend either of them to lead an Executive Search for any type of Club. They are also adept and filling department head positions and other Club needs.

Andrew Tuzzeo
General Manager
Old Baldy Club
Saratoga, Wyoming