Process and Timeline

Phase 1

  • A visit by a member of our team with the client is the essential first step.
  • We conduct on-site interviews with identified staff.
  • We prepare a candidate profile setting forth the duties and responsibilities for the position and a competitive compensation package.
  • We obtain approval of this profile from the search committee and/or board.
  • The search for viable candidates begins as we take advantage of our extensive network of contacts in the respective industries.
  • We provide regular and timely updates.

Phase 2

  • We provide an initial list of strong candidates for you to interview.
  • Your search committee and/or board selects candidates to interview.
  • We schedule and conduct first interviews.
  • Once you have shown a preference toward two or more candidates, we conduct additional in-depth reference and background checks on each candidate prior to the scheduling of final interviews.

Phase 3

  • We schedule and coordinate final interviews.
  • We work with your search committee and/or board to select a finalist.
  • We develop and negotiate an offer of employment to your candidate of choice.
  • We assist in relocation and transition.